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Two Chicks donates Two Horses

Although Two Chicks and a Hammer is traditionally known for revitalizing Indianapolis one property at a time, there are more ways than just rejuvenating neighborhoods that the team likes to give back to the city.

When the Two Chicks team was filming one of the houses for Season 3, they participated in an opportunity with the Mayor to go through a walk of the Old Southside. Two mounted police officers were a part of the walk through. Mina was thrilled to see them, and got to talking to the police officers. When one of them jokingly suggested that Mina and the Two Chicks team donate horses, Mina and the rest of the team jumped on the opportunity. 

Mina and Karen both share a lifelong love for horses, as does the rest of their family. Mina fondly remembers her childhood interactions with horses and the days spent riding them. For this reason, Mina and Karen decided to donate two horses to the IMPD. 

Recently our team headed out to the mounted patrol stables to meet the two new horses, Axel and Abel, and help the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department (IMPD) clean up the horse barn. Check out the photos from our adventures and the articles that featured this story!

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Kirk Rogers
Kirk Rogers
Sep 18, 2019

This is so good of you guys. Well done.

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