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We are currently accepting applications for 2023 Partners! To apply to be a Do Good Partner, click the button below!

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Here at Two Chicks and a Hammer doing good work is important to us. Not only do we try to add value to these neighborhoods by building beautiful homes that bring in new neighbors, but we also try to give back  to the community that was here long before us.


We have a soft spot for kids and dogs, but at the end of the day the community is what matters the most to us. In the spirit of doing good, each year we select four organizations where we get involved, give back or volunteer our time. Scroll through here to learn more about our 2022 Do Good Partners below!!


This will be our second year sponsoring for the local chapter of Stonewall Sports. Stonewall Sports is a non-profit sports league geared to LGBTQ+ and allied communities. Stonewall Sports strives to develop a well connected, diverse community through organized competition that also includes the opportunity for social connection, inclusion, as well as fundraising to support other nonprofits in the area. Stonewall, values each player for who they are and what they bring to our community and believe that everyone deserves to be here.


At Camp To Belong, we believe that all kids deserve the opportunity to spend meaningful time with their brothers and sisters. All too often, children living in foster or kinship care are separated from their siblings -- missing out on the special relationship-building moments most of us take for granted. These are the moments Camp To Belong works to create so kids living in foster care are able to have positive childhood memories of their own.

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Located in our homebase neighborhood, Bates-Hendricks, DAThouse is the spirit that drives the mission behind all of the community growth initiatives you'll find in and around the Lincoln Center. The Lincoln Center itself functions as a physical community center and is home to Lincoln Lane Coffee Co., DAT Laundry, LOFT co-working space, as well as being our own physical headquarters. We are here to serve and proud to be neighbors within our growing community.


Here at Two Chicks we believe the holidays should be a happy time with lots to celebrate. James A Garfield School 31 is an elementary school located in one of our favorite neighborhoods, Bates-Hendricks. Each holiday season the school hosts a toy drive for the families in the neighborhood, and this year will be our second year participating. We’d love to use this opportunity to engage our audience to fulfill the families' wish lists, including food, warm clothing, and gifts. Please stay tuned for the 2022 list to go live this coming Holiday season!

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