Family Q&A with Mina

Growing up, did you imagine yourself having a certain number of children?

Since I grew up with seven siblings, I did picture myself having a large family when I was younger. I initially thought that maybe I’d have five. As I got older, that number eventually got lower. When Steve and I got married, we thought about having three. Eventually, we settled on two and couldn't be happier. Man to man coverage is manageable!

Was the transition between one and two kids what you expected?

For the most part, it was what I had expected! There was a little bit of the traditional jealousy and angst, and it's been a little more chaotic. But, it's been so amazing to see the bond being created between Jack and Charlie!

How has Jack been adjusting to being a big brother?

The majority of the time, Jack loves being a big brother! He calls her “my baby”, loves to brush her hair, and he comforts her when she cries. It’s amazing how gentle he is with her! Then 3 seconds later he’ll say “hit baby” and push her over. Not sure where he picked that up but we’re definitely working on nixing that habit.

Did anything surprise you about the transition between one and two kids?

I wasn’t really surprised by anything, as I’ve already had experience taking care of my own siblings! It was an adjustment, but overall it’s been a relatively smooth adjustment.

Is there any advice you would give to other moms / families adjusting from one to two kids?

I believe that families need to figure out what’s best for themselves as parents. Don’t worry about whatever other parents are doing, just do what’s best for your individual family. Over time, you’ll be able to find out what works, and what doesn’t! And give yourself grace! Don’t stress if you’re not making homemade baby food or maybe not breastfeeding or you fail miserably at sleep training; just do what you need to to survive. Parenting is hard! So don’t judge yourself too harshly, other people will do that enough for you!

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