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Mina’s Side of the Battle of the Two Chicks

 For Mina’s side of the Two Chicks Townhome, she chose to use a lovely feminine theme that included cotton candy and roses. For the kitchen, Mina used a beautiful tile that had an iridescent outside border. She also had a ton of sweet treats for all of her guests. 

When it came to furniture shopping, Mina included her niece, Jujubean. They visited a local hot spot for the Two Chicks in Fountain Square. With Juju’s help, Mina picked out a beautiful pink chair that sat in the corner of the living room. 

Finally, Mina surprised her visitors with puppies in the backyard. Karen had been joking about bringing chickens to her visitors, so Mina decided to bring puppies so she could have a leg up on the competition. Unbeknownst to her, Karen had the same idea and brought Mina’s sister’s dog, Ted, to surprise the guests on her side. 


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