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Step Into Summer With Our Top Decluttering Tips

With warmer temperatures on the rise, we’ve been getting ready to kick summer cleaning into high-gear! Here are some of our best tips and tricks to declutter your treasure-filled spaces.

Start with a checklist:

Having a clear plan of where you want to start, and what you want to accomplish is essential when preparing for cleaning. Writing a checklist is the perfect first step for planning to declutter your space. Having a detailed outline, and categorizing each room will undoubtedly help you begin to effectively declutter.

Create as much storage space as possible:

Creating storage space will ensure an improvement in alleviating clutter. Utilizing baskets, drawer organizers, and storage tubs is the perfect way to add more space for your treasures! We have wire baskets that are perfect for storage, currently available at Two Chicks District Co.!

Sort your treasures into three different groups:

Separating your items into three different piles is a great way to determine what you want to keep, donate or toss. If you haven’t worn it or used it in the past year, donate it! If it is something of emotional or sentimental value, keep it. Lastly, if it is broken or damaged, toss it.

Stay motivated, and stick with it! These tips will help to ensure a great start to your summer clean out!


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Absolutely loving these decluttering tips! Summer's the perfect time to refresh and organize. Can't wait to get started. ✨ #SummerDeclutter #OrganizationGoals

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