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DIY Mother’s Day Craft

Looking for a fun craft to give to Mom this Mother’s Day? Look no further, we have the perfect DIY craft to create with your little ones! Steve, Jack, and Charlie created some precious artwork to give to Mina for Mother’s Day.

For this craft we made kid-friendly, edible paint. By combining greek yogurt and food coloring we were able to create an edible and functional paint that was safe to use with Jack and Charlie! But, you can use regular acrylic paint if you’d like.

What You'll Need:

  • Paint

  • One Container of Greek Yogurt

  • Food Coloring

  • Item for Stirring

  • Paint Brush

  • Sheet of Construction Paper

  • Your kiddos little hands!

Step 1: Mix together greek yogurt and food coloring to create any colors you like.

Step 2: Place your kid's hand in the paint or brush it on with the paint brush.

Step 3: Draw flower stems on the paper as a guide for their hand placements.

Step 4: Stamp their hands onto the paper to create flowers!

Art is expressive and sometimes painting faces is more fun than painting the paper! Have fun with your kiddos and embrace the direction your craft takes.

Send us pictures of your creations on Instagram, by tagging us @twochicksandahammer

Thank you to Living Well Mom for the edible paint recipe!


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