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Smart Home Gift Guide

If I am shopping, it is going to exclusively be online. Running a business and being a Mom is already stressful enough, so alleviating any bit of stress wherever I can help a lot in the long run. So, I have replaced the stress of in-person shopping at the malls, with posting up on the couch with Jack by my side, getting it all figured out over the computer.

Something I have found I like more with online shopping than being at the mall, is that you can find a lot more, very cool gifts in a short time on the computer than you can in person. (And now that I am myQ-connected, I know all of my Amazon Prime orders can be delivered safely inside my garage!) Going from one website to another is instantaneous, but If I wanted to go from one big box store to another, it is going to take me a bit to walk from place to place. We are talking efficiency here people, and I do not like inefficient things.

Recently one of my best friends just bought a house, and I was thinking about getting them something for their new home! I personally love to have a smart home and figured they would too. I decided to share my smart home gift guide with all of you so that the next time you need a new homeowner gift, you know exactly what to get!

The myQ Smart Garage Hub is a great way to make your house smarter! You’ve heard me talk about it plenty, but I can’t recommend it enough! Consider it an investment in keeping all the other things on the list safe upon delivery! Check here to see if you are eligible for in-garage delivery with Amazon Prime!

This works best with the myQ Smart Garage Hub to help package security. It is a great quality cam!

Smart bulbs are a great way to control lights that may have been left on it other rooms from the comfort of the couch!

If you are committed to making your house a smart house, you will need this!

This allows whatever is plugged into it, to be controlled via your voice! Definitely a must for any new homeowner!


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