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Karen's Side of the Battle of the Two Chicks

Karen’s side of the townhome featured many of her DIY items and her own personal flair. Karen’s theme was French farmhouse, which translated into the light colors and bright feeling in the home. 

Karen DIY-ed a table for her side of the townhome. In order to do so, she worked with Kelsy to create a rustic, farm-style table that you want a family to gather around.

Kelsy and Karen also painted a paisley pattern under the island. In order to create that pattern, they used a stencil and a gold paint to spice up what would normally be a plain painted backdrop. At the beginning Kelsy didn’t like it, but in the end, it was a fan favorite in the house. 

Karen also featured some beautiful artwork in her home. She placed a cow painting above the bed in the master bedroom. She also featured another painting in the living room/ kitchen space. 

If you are interested in purchasing items used in this home, check out our resource guide.


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