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How to Spend Valentine’s Day with your Pals this Year

Dreading Valentine’s Day this year? Fear not, here are some tips and tricks to celebrate the sweetest holiday of the year. Enjoy the day by spending it with your closest pals, whether it be near or far away.

Who doesn’t like a good binge-watch of sappy, heartwarming movies? Whether you’re looking for a good laugh, a tear-jerker, or something to melt your heart, cuddle up and stream some of you and your friend’s favorite flicks. You can even FaceTime your friends, or simultaneously stream to watch together, while apart!

Celebrate with one of the most popular food trends, by creating a festive charcuterie board. Add in your favorite savory snacks and sweet treats to create a cute and delicious board for you and your friends. Head over to Two Chicks District Co. to grab one of our chic Black Mango wood boards to find the perfect base! Shop Here.

Drop off a hand-written note to your closest pals is a great way to celebrate the holiday while being safely apart. A sweet, thoughtful note would surely put a smile on your friend’s face when they open up their mailbox. Get creative and D.I.Y your own to make them even more special!

Follow these tips to ensure a safe and sweet holiday with your pals this year.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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