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Highlighting Mina for International Women's Month

To celebrate International Women’s Month, we wanted to highlight our owner and co-founder Mina, and learn a bit more about her journey to becoming a true girl-boss in a male-dominated industry.

While growing up, Mina came to the realization that she didn’t want a desk job, or any career that would limit her creativity. She sampled several different courses throughout her time in college, to see what would peak her interest.

Mina attended Indiana University, and graduated with a degree in General Studies with minors in Business and Sociology. Her biggest takeaway from college was learning how to prioritize time management. She believes that being prompt and punctual is essential to being successful!

After graduating, Mina’s passion for revitalization sparked when she purchased her first home. With the help of her mom Karen, they successfully refinished her home, and they were both bitten by the renovation bug. Mina discovered how much she loved the process, and immediately knew that she wanted to continue revitalizing more and more homes in her neighborhood.

Mina is a trailblazer in her field, as she didn’t necessarily have a female role model to look up to at the beginning of her career. However, over time, more and more women have begun to pursue similar career paths. Currently, one of Mina’s role models is Nicole Curtis, host and designer of Rehab Addict.

In addition to her incredible career, Mina has also written her very first children’s book. “Built Together” draws on her own stories of starting Two Chicks and a Hammer with her mom, working with her stepfamily, fostering her niece, adopting her rescue dogs, and playing with her son. Mina invites readers young and old to join her in discovering how we are all stronger together. Because, in the end, families are built as well as made.

As more young girls begin to pursue similar careers, Mina’s advice to them is to know your worth, and to seize every opportunity. By believing in yourself and constantly learning, you can achieve anything you set your mind to. Also, if you want something, go after it!

We are so lucky to have Mina as our very own girl-boss! She is a true inspiration to us, and to so many young girls everywhere.


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