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Garage Door Obsessed

So I’ve had my LiftMaster smart garage door opener for a few weeks now and it has been great for deliveries. But I just wanted to let you all know how my myQ-connected smart garage has been helpful outside of my online ordering. I honestly never thought I would have this many uses for a garage door opener.

My sweet little baby boy Jack is just over a year old now and obviously still needs someone to look after him. When my hubby and I are out at work, or sneaking in our occasional date night, we can easily give garage access to our nanny to come watch over him while we are gone. The myQ App has made the whole process so much easier, and our nanny loves not having to worry about keeping track of keys for our house.

Besides Jack, my fur babies need some extra attention from time to time. With the myQ App, I can easily give access to the garage (all from my smartphone!) to dog walkers to come in and take my three dogs out for a little exercise! I know my dogs enjoy it, and I especially love coming home to some worn out pups.

Not only does myQ help in my personal life, but it has also made running my business even easier. Each season of filming has what we refer to as the reveal season, which is where all the house-staging and buyer reveals happen at the same time. The timing can be crazy. We are under a strict timeline from the production company, so when we are decorating the houses we need to get the items delivered and installed ASAP. myQ technology and Amazon Prime have helped so much with this.

By linking the myQ App with the Amazon Key App I can get in-garage delivery and a real-time notification that my package is safe and dry, which is a big deal! Some of the items we get for the houses can be pretty pricey, so keeping them secure is of huge importance. House revitalization requires strict budgets, and a missing package that we then have to purchase again can break the bank. Once I know my packages are ready, I have Austin, aka Bobkat, run over to my house to grab them.

myQ lets me give him access so if I am busy on another site, he doesn’t have to wait around for me to let him in. If he’s busy, I can set it up for any member on the team to go in his place. It has been a major efficiency booster for our show. Check out this link to see if you are eligible through Amazon Prime for in-garage delivery!


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