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Rolls-Royce and Dogs

This week (September 9-13, 2019) was Rolls-Royce’s second annual Community Care Week, a week long project where all Rolls-Royce employees are given the opportunity to give back to Indianapolis community with their time and talent. Two Chicks and a Hammer were invited to speak at the kick off event and participate in their volunteer opportunities.

Unfortunately for us, all 1,300 volunteer slots were quickly filled; we were unable to get a spot to work alongside the Rolls-Royce employees. We decided it did not feel right to only speak at an engagement for community revitalization, so we used the Community Care Week as an inspiration and looked for give back (Do Good!) opportunities for ourselves!

We are passionate about many things, but we chose to help our furry friends for the day. IACS (Indianapolis Animal Care and Services) is the city’s animal shelter. Often times they are inundated with animals being surrendered. Many of these animals can be stuck at the shelter for a long time. The IACS offers this really cool service called Freedom for a Day, where volunteers can take the dogs for a day to give them a break from the pound life.

This also serves a purpose to the dogs. It helps them get accustomed to strangers which, in turn, can help them get adopted by potential forever owners.

As most things do in the Two Chicks office, this quickly turned into a competition. There were three groups of 2CH employees and we were all vying to get our dog adopted, and adopted first!

We took Ivy, Cash, and Rocky all over the city getting them use to walking on leashes, interacting with the handlers, and hopefully providing them with a fun day out from the shelter. We wish we could have gotten them all adopted, but we did manage to find Rocky a forever home!!

Time, talent, and treasure are something we all possess in one way or another. We are happy to know our service did help, if even in a minute fashion. But there is always more to do! We are planning on making this a recurring community give back in the Two Chicks office!

If you would like to join us in giving back to the furry friends of our community, please visit the IACS Website to see the contact information to schedule your Freedom for a Day! If you do not have the time or talent to help in person, please consider purchasing much needed supplies from the IACS Amazon Wish List (will ship directly to them).

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