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Rock the Block Recap

Our team just got back from shooting Rock the Block in LA. We took the time to interview MJ, our interior designer for the show. You may have seen him on Small Space, Big Potential, and he will be in the coming seasons of Good Bones!

We can't wait to see what the houses look like! The show will air in October. We can't wait to watch it!

What exactly is Rock the Block? 

Rock the Block is a competition between 4 of HGTV’s top designers. They took 4 identical houses and each star made it their own. They included their contractors, design teams, demo teams and the stars of HGTV themselves. Mina from Good Bones, Allison from Windy City Rehab, Jasmine from Hidden Potential and Leanna from Restored by the Fords were the designers and stars of the show.

Without giving anything away, can you tell us your favorite part? 

It was amazing to see that many awesome and talented people together, that was the best part. 

We saw you got to meet some fun HGTV stars. What were they like? 

We got to hang out and spend time with all of our HGTV friends. Steve Ford is my favorite person on earth. I never thought we would be fast friends. He is the funniest. 

Allison Victoria is a sassy boss. I can't wait to work with her again!

Leanna Ford was really forthcoming with tips and tricks about where to buy furniture. Everyone was really welcoming and encouraging through the whole process of the show. We got to meet a lot of new HGTV faces, which was amazing.

What was the biggest challenge? 

The biggest challenge was having to find new spots to shop. Some of the places that I went to didn't have price tags, those shops tended to be expensive. I loved every single piece of furniture. Everything was just so minimal and really well selected. The people who buy for these stores know what is good, so their sales floor will be empty except exactly what they think people are looking for. 

Can you tell us anything about the house?

I really love what we did with the house. We don't usually get to do fireplaces, but in this house we did two. That's all I can tell you, I don't want to spoil too much!

Where did you go when you were in LA? 

I went to Beverly hills, West Hollywood, and Venice Beach. I loved Venice Beach. There’s a really cute place there called Rooster Fish. I introduced Cory to sparkling Rose and now he can’t get enough. 

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Jan 03, 2023

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