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Interview with Mamma Chick

We sat down with Karen to talk to her about our new Season 4 collectible t-shirt "Mamma Chick". We asked her questions about being an empty nester and staying a Mamma Chick after your kids have grown up.

Where does the name Mamma Chick come from? 

We are a mother/daughter team who named ourselves Two Chicks and a Hammer, so being the mother half, obviously I am the main chick. 

What’s it like being a mamma chick whose nest is now empty? 

Mamma Chicks nests are never really empty, our chicks always remain in the nest that is our hearts, and if we are lucky, frequently visit the nest that is our home. I find now that my chick tending is done, I can spread my wings and do all the things I didn't have time for: reading, sewing, gardening, boating, traveling, making new friends and finding even more interesting hobbies, like raising chickens. 

How does it feel to see your own children becoming Mamma Chicks themselves?

There is nothing that brings me more pleasure in life than seeing my grown offspring creating new lives and new life themselves. It means that I have done one job of generatively well.


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