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Karen's Big Announcement

"Although it is hard to leave this wonderful group of people, it is exactly how wonderful and capable they are that makes me comfortable leaving. I have complete confidence that the company Mina and I founded, based on the novel idea of improving neighborhoods by rehabilitating the worst houses in a neighborhood, one house at a time, has a bright future!  I won't be far, and will likely just be puttering in the yard!" - Karen


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I can see from the pictures you shared Suika game that you had truly wonderful experiences.


Hello from Loogootee, Indiana. Myself and my guy Jeff watch ”Good Bones” faithfully. Karen, we would love to invite you down to our home that was built in the 1860’s . It needs help and we don’t know where to start. Enjoy your retirement 💗


Julie Todd Ohtaki
Julie Todd Ohtaki
Feb 24, 2021

The Greenwich Village Townhouse :

Why am I crying? And none of those boys aren't??? I will miss you! The show won't be the same without you.

What to do during retirement? 'cause you ARE NEEDED!!!

You could travel around to places like Michigan, where I just bought a 1900's, no charm, 4 bed 1 bath place. You could to help people like me that think we can do what 2 chicks and a hammer do. ( what was I thinking).

You have inspirited me and I am sure many more to follow our dreams.

Have a wonderful semi-retirement Karen!!! I look forward to seeing you!!



Hello from South Australia. Love your show. Will miss seeing you on the show Karen, can’t imagine what it will be like without you. Love your laugh, love the way you love everything, your kindness, your big heart, your zest for life, your love of dogs and chickens, your eccentricity, your confidence. Good luck, and I hope we’ll see you pop in to the show often. (Hope Mina keeps the show going, it’s my guilty pleasure...)


Kathryn Grey and John Spicciati, you are both so rude!! If you have a problem just dont say it, just don't watch the show if you care that much. You just don't have to be rude!!

Anyways! I know this is a post from a while a go but congrats Karen!! Hope you get everything done on your list!! I love you and Mina's show!! Best wishes!!

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