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Karen's Air Plant DIY

When Mina and Karen took their fifth renovated home on East St. from a crammed cluster of rooms to an open floor plan, they were left with an opening in the kitchen to the stairway that was begging to be utilized. Inspired by a recent visit to her mother’s home where she had uncovered her father’s chemistry set, Karen decided that focal point with glass, light, metal and plants was exactly what the house needed. She settled on using the vintage chemistry set to create a whimsical hanging plant light to fill the blank space. 

This DIY was rather sentimental for Karen, as she had fond memories of her father using the chemistry set to explore many hobbies, including distilling alcohol in his workshop. “Creating this made me feel like I was back with my dad in his workshop watching him do something-- anything. I loved hanging out with him,” said Karen. 

Karen chose the plant pothos for the project because this type of plant is not only beautiful and playful, but it will grow happily in low-light conditions. She also selected copper,  battery operated string lights for the project that introduced a light, yet industrial feel to the project. 

For those who wish to try this project at home, Karen recommends to use 110 volt lights instead of battery operated lights for optimal lighting scenarios. She also suggest using globes that have a lip because it creates a better grip for hanging the items.


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