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New Dad Q&A with Steve Hawk

Baby Jack has hit the three month mark, and we couldn’t be more excited! Scroll down for an inside look at what Steve thinks of being a new dad. 

How does it feel being a new dad? 

Being a new dad changes the way you think about almost every decision you have to make moving forward. It’s the most motivating life event possible. Being a new dad makes life feel complete, purposeful, and the ability to love someone more than you ever thought you could. 

Do you have any tips for new dads? 

Make sure your partner is as comfortable as possible. They went through a procedure that we as men could not handle. Do your part, help out as much as possible with feedings, changing, soothing. Your partner will love and appreciate you that much more. Side piece of advice, don’t move/ build a new house three weeks after your newborn comes. 

What’s been the biggest change you’ve noticed in Jack in the last 3 months? 

His smiles. Jack will smile by simply having his diaper changed. He is also becoming curious. He loves to touch, flail around and wiggle almost as much as he likes to eat. 

How’s it been taking care of a newborn and three dogs?

It’s harder for me than my beautiful wife Mina. The dogs get in the way a lot. Growing up, we had dogs that did their own thing. They didn't follow us around a need a ton of attention. All three of our dogs follow us around, love having Mom and Dad’s attention and think that they are helping us take care of Jack. It’s hard to keep an eye on a baby and three kids without someone getting into trouble. 

Any plans for more children in the future? 

We have decided to try for one more. When I first met Mina, she wanted 7 kids due to her having a large family with lots of siblings. As time went on, she lowered her number to 3, we have compromised on 2.

What’s your favorite thing about Jack? 

This one is easy. His face, which includes his contagious smile. I have never seen a smile on a baby like Jack has. He has literally been peeing on me, and he gives me this smile, and I couldn't care less about being peed on. Once his teeth start coming in, the smile will be all the more heart warming. Some parents might say they can’t pinpoint their favorite part of their child, not me… his smile. 


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