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Shiplap Surprise Recap

In the heart of Fountain Square, Mina and Karen found a home that could only be described as “itty bitty”, but had a price tag that was completely the opposite. Since the project was such a  large financial undertaking, they decided to team up with Josh, a contractor that they often work with on more expensive projects. However, Josh game the Two Chicks more than they bargained for when he decided that Mina’s idea for one shiplap wall wasn’t enough and covered the ENTIRE interior of the home in shiplap! 

This unexpected interior decorating move presented quite the challenge for Mina and Karen. The pair had to figure out how to make a home covered in harsh lines feel like a cozy home. 

In the end, the team decided to go for a farmhouse look throughout the interior and added lots of soft, fluffy items to contrast all of the shiplap. Mina and Karen even had a vintage sofa reupholstered to add an extra level of comfy to the living room.

The team turned the original two bed-one bath home into a three- bedroom and one and a half bath home, making it perfect for a couple or a small family. 


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