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Wallpaper Perfection

Earlier in the year, Karen arrived to a brainstorm session for another renovation on East St. at the design warehouse with a colorful spirograph that she had created. Initially, Mina was skeptical about how the drawing could be incorporated into the home, especially with a big, colorful pattern like Karen had used. However, when the ladies decided that they needed a little extra something to wow potential buyers, the spirograph pattern became the perfect, subtle solution. 

In their newest home, Mina and Karen noticed that the hallway leading from the kitchen to the master bedroom was lacking that little extra something. The pair decided to utilize a wallpaper featuring a gray and white version of Karen’s concept drawing to help draw the eyes to this back hallways and through the rest of the house. Their goal was to make the potential buyers and any other house guests want to walk down that hallway. Although the wallpaper was subtle and soft in color, the playful designs added character and made the hallway feel longer. 

Wallpaper can be a great way to spruce up empty spaces and add dimension and interest. Even those who don’t enjoy bright colors or wild designs in their decor can add a fun element to their home by utilizing earthy tones and simple patterns Two Chicks and a Hammer prefer to use patterns like stripes, spirographs and herringbone. 


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Franny Finn
Franny Finn
Aug 19, 2021

Love this wallpaper ! Is it available to purchase or exclusive to you? I love you guys!!

Fran Finn

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