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Townhome of Trouble Recap

This week’s project found Karen and Mina on Talbott St. in the Old Southside neighborhood, a street where they own several other properties. Although the ladies own both sides of the townhome, they decided to renovate and sell them separately. The side of the townhome that they decided to renovate first began as a two story, 1320 sq. ft. area with two bedrooms and one bathroom. The ladies originally purchased this side of the townhome for $15,000 and decided that after revitalizing the property it would be the perfect place for downsizers or a couple purchasing their first home.

During the initial walk-through, Karen and Mina discovered that there was lots of work to be done. The house was in dire condition and featured lots of faux brick, an unstable addition on the back, and the world’s most awkward bathroom. The ladies decided to focus on opening up the downstairs, taking off the back addition, creating a master suite, and adding another bathroom.

As demolition was taking place, the team ran across an unexpected problem: this build would require new water meters and sewer lines. This was an expensive and unexpected part of the project, but it did allow Karen to have a little fun with a chainsaw when a tree had to be removed to run the new lines.

Mina and Karen design plan was essential to make the space feel trendy and unique in this up-and-coming neighborhood. They decided on a “boho-industrial” vibe. A modern-all white kitchen, exposed ducts, and vertical stairs that were utilized to open up the downstairs all brought in the industrial feel. For the boho vibe, the ladies decided on a unique backsplash tile under the bar and custom leather pulls on the cabinets that were made in a local leather shop.

If you are interested in shopping the items used in this episode or in this photo, check out the resource guide for this episode.

For more photos from this house, check out the Two chicks and a Hammer Pinterest page for the Season 4 board.


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Nicholson Percy
Nicholson Percy
5 days ago

During the process of demolition, the crew confronted an unforeseen obstacle: the construction of this structure would necessitate geometry dash breeze the installation of new water meters and sewer pipes.


A fully furnished and always clean house is a big plus for me so that when I rest with geometry dash online, the room is always clean and beautiful.

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