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The Stately Home on Sanders Recap

This Stately Well-Travelled Home was beautifully restored on Good Bones Season 4 episode To shop products from this house, check out our resource guide.

This big, beautiful home featured an original, restored stair case that was transformed into a masterpiece. It also featured a fireplace that was almost tripped the Two Chicks up!

This huge house had a DIY that Karen and Mina made. The DIY featured a book-case slider that hid a bar in the dining room.

The backyard has a deck out back that is perfect for sweet summer nights.

For more photos of this house and others from Season 4, check out our Pinterest.

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Jenn Fardy
Jenn Fardy
24 มิ.ย. 2563

I love this house!! What color did you use to paint the kitchen island?

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