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New House, Old Spirit Recap

This Market Street house, located just east of downtown Indianapolis, was at risk of being swallowed by the earth or falling over at any second when Mina and Karen purchased the property. The unstable foundation caused the team to decide to tear down the home and begin new construction with a design that would pay homage to the original home. 

Not only did the exterior remain similar to the original, but features including a warm, brown kitchen and a brick walkway helped to make the home feel more lived in and less like a new build. 

Karen also constructed a daybed using repurposed doors from the original structure to incorporate more elements of the original structure into the new home. 

In an effort to bring even more of the old home to the new build, Karen took an old ceramic home and attempted to capture the spirit of the old home within it before demo began. She believed that by placing the model house in the new home, the spirit of the old home would be content and make the home feel more lived in. This was her way of paying homage to the original home and bringing in the history attached to it. 

The new house’s aesthetic is described by Karen as an area where “a painter’s palette spilled” and incorporates a lot of bright colors and decor that is whimsical and fun. While the original home was three-bed, two bath home, the new house has four bedrooms and two and a half baths.


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The façade of the property retained its original appearance, and other elements like as a cozy, brown kitchen and a brick pathway contributed to creating a more lived-in atmosphere, reducing the impression of a newly constructed building. tunnel rush


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cie kalyl
cie kalyl
May 13

Throughout Geometry Dash the renovation process, the team encountered numerous challenges, from structural issues to design dilemmas.


This house is decorated quite beautifully slither although the colors of the furniture do not match each other very well.


Wow! These houses look so beautiful. I love their designs and geometry dash scratch that bring wonderful journeys in different lands.

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