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How to create a luxurious bath in your own home:

In the “Big Money in Fountain Square” home Mina and Karen were presented with the unique opportunity to put a stand-alone tub in the upstairs master suite. The addition of the spa-like space added some much needed value and appeal to the nearly half million-dollar home, but your home doesn’t have to have that price tag to warrant a comfortable, luxurious place to unwind.

The first step to upgrading your bathroom and creating a space that makes bathing feel more like a luxury than a requirement is to replace your old, worn out bathmat. Get rid of that matted down, worn out bath mat that you’ve had for years and replace it with a cozy, fluffy bath mat to give your bathroom more of a spa-like feel.

One of our favorite parts of the “Big Money in Fountain Square” bath is the addition of the bath caddy. It’s something we now consider an essential because there’s nothing worse than getting cozy in your bath and having to hop out because you forgot to put the book you wanted to enjoy within an arm’s reach. A bath caddy is a great place to set your favorite magazine, beverage, Bluetooth speaker, and some extra bubble bath to ensure you don’t have to get out of the tub!

Adding a small, accent colored side table next to your bath is another way to create a luxurious bathroom space. This space can be used to hold your favorite candle, your phone, and you can even use it to add some extra spa inspired décor to the bathroom by adding a small succulent to the table!


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This bathroom design of yours really brings a strands nyt lot of comfort to the users, on the exterior you can see its luxury and it is a bathroom that many people wish to have.


That sounds amazing. Thanks for sharing the instruction and undertale yellow which is interesting,

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