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Little Pink House on Palmer Recap

Located just south of downtown Indianapols, the Little Pink House on Palmer began as less of a cozy cottage and more of an outdated home that was in dire need of a major makeover. Since half of the duplex was already occupied by a renter, Mina and Karen were only left with the exterior and a small one-bedroom, one bathroom space to renovate. 

“I love the way that Karen and Mina put extra special touches in my house that were just for me. Losing our mom and then our dad 6 months later is the hardest thing I’ve ever gone through, and coming to my little pink house on Palmer makes the hard days a little easier.” Stef explained after touring her house. 

During demo, Mina’s sister-in-law Stef fell in love with the home and the pair decided to continue designing and restoring the home with her in mind. Redesign of the interior began by tearing out two walls left behind from an unfinished renovation by the previous owners. This opened up the living space and allowed for a living room, dining room and kitchen to all fit in the 700 sq ft home. 

Other unique features of the home included a bedroom with a nook for Stef’s dogs to sleep in and repurpose mirrored closet doors, a small garden area with flowers that had belonged to Stef’s mother, unique hexagonal tiling that covered the front of the bar and melded seamlessly with the light hardwood flooring and a beautiful backyard with a brand new deck. Mina even commissioned a painting of Stef’s dogs as a housewarming to surprise her during her walkthrough. 

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Looking at the color of the house, I guess its owner will be a very romantic person. baldi

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