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Pacific Laser Systems PLS-60588 Laser Level Review

PLS is another major brand that can not only provide accuracy to your work, but also it has the potential to adjust itself according to the worksite. Today we are discussing some of the features of PLS 4 red system 60588 laser level.

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Features of PLS-60588 Laser Level


When you are investing a good amount on some laser level, then your expectation must be high about accuracy and precision. This device can fulfill your professional requirements as it can provide point to point accuracy of about +/-1/4” at the distance of 100ft. This laser level is suitable for all the outdoor and indoor medium level projects. The cross-line accuracy is about +/-1/8” at the distance of 30ft.


PLS-60588 is a versatile model that can provide you maximum brightness even when you are working in daylight and on outdoor projects. This device is less bulky, so you can pack it in your bag while traveling from one place to another. There will be no handling or damaging issues as it has more features that is responsible for protecting the other parts of the device.

Self-Leveling and Attachments:

One thing that can help you in completing any project with perfection is a self-leveling feature. If you have never used a laser level device, then the self-leveling feature will save you from manual settings. Other than this automatic function, it has also come up with a magnetic wall bracket, so when you are working on some indoor projects, use it to hold the device strongly. As a beginner, this device is quite user-friendly, and there will be no interruptions in between the operation.

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The battery timing of the laser level is impressive as well. It can provide 25 hours of continuous operation to a user with a single beam. If you are working with both beams, then this laser level can offer 12.5 hours of operation. The battery is durable and reliable when you are planning to attempt an outdoor project.

Working Range:

PLS-60588 has come up with the complete kit to provide solutions to all your professional problems. It has come up with a detector, and the range can be extended up to 200’. The working range is impressive for both beginners and experts.

Benefits of Using PLS-60588 Laser Level:

✠This laser level is only not offering you accuracy and precision in projects, but with the help of a detector, you can extend the range.

✠This device can provide you with a sharp reference point, and there is no need for assistance while you are working with this laser level.


This is the best cross line laser level you can invest in, especially when buying for the first time. This laser level has been designed to serve you with all the features that are essential to make any project professional and error-free. From cross line to points, it can support you in every aspect of measurement.


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