Join date: Aug 19, 2020

Name is Joey, I am retired, married to a great man... yes gay; and I call him my best friend... Life after 50 is fucking great. I actually just turned 53 on August 3rd.

I am a ex-celebrity body piercer and former bar and night club owner...

I am currently under contract with Simon and Schuster taking on the task of writing my life's tell all book about my career and my experiences.

I moved to Covington Ky. about 7 years ago now by total fluke. I am originally from McLean VA. just outside of Washington DC. area. Then lived in Baltimore Md. for 2 years, San Francisco for 10 years, Eau Claire WI. for 3 years and then Chicago, IL. for 8 years, which 4 of the 8; I would work for what they call "the seasons," spending time back and forth during the summers in Provincetown, Mass. and winters in Chicago. Crazy, right,

I know!

I am recently recovering from a car accident in-which I was hit by a car while I was walking across the street walking to work in Chicago. I just had my 1st hip replacement surgery and already scheduled for my 2nd in September 2020. I am the type of person who would take my shirt off my back for you. At the same time, being a Leo, if you lie, steal or play me, I will freaking make you regret the day you were born. What I use to say to every single client before I pierced them and my tag line as well as the name of my book is, "Just Remember to Breathe!"