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Things you need to know when buying used electric skateboards

For those who love electric skateboards but have a limited budget, buying a used esk8 will definitely be an option not to be missed. But you don’t always luckily buy a good electric skateboard.

If you are not careful, you will definitely spend money to buy trash. This article is intended to point out the things that you need to check before buying an electric skateboard from the old owner. To know where to find a good esk8 is also important, you can check out eSkateBuddy to read on this topic.

Checking all the parts


This is the part that you can see first, so check it first. Look for cracks and splits. GIve up the board if it shows any signs of uncertainty.


Be sure the bushings are not cracked or chipped or rotted out. They are made of plastic so pay special attention to this part.


This is a small part located deep inside the wheel so it is very difficult to check, and most sellers do not want you to disassemble the parts. So to check the condition of the bearings, you can spin the wheels. Good bearings will spin freely, no noise, and no grinding.


Sure, this is the most expensive part and you will need to know the exact information here. Ask the seller about the battery's history such as how many charge cycles. Some board remotes track charge cycles, you can confirm the seller's information by checking the remote.


After checking the battery, you can also check the enclosure, make sure they are secured in place properly and don't have any cracks.


Make sure the remote does not have condensation on the screen and the remote must show board mileage and battery info board.

You should also check the other parts for any abnormalities. If all goes well, congratulations, you have found a good e-board for yourself.

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