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Rotary Laser Level Buying Guide

For those who don’t know, a rotary laser level has more advantages compared to the regular line laser levels. For example, rotary laser levels usually come with better battery life, and higher visibility as well as longer range. For professionals, they prefer the versatility of these top rated laser levels so that’s why you may see rotary laser levels in professional construction jobs, including masonry, foundation digging, work grading, and layout activities.

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The followings are major factor to check when buying a rotary laser level:

The Purpose for Rotary Laser Level

What do you intend to use your rotary laser level for? In case you would want to use it to complete such tasks as foundation digging, layout making and other indoor works, you can rely on a rotary laser level to finish the jobs neatly and perfectly.

Decide What Purpose: Indoor or Outdoor

While doing indoor projects such as setting up kitchen cabinets or hanging pictures, it is unnecessary to buy a tripod or other accessories. However, if you aim for outdoor tasks, we advise you to get colored goggles to see the light beams much clearly. If there is an irregular surface to position your level, you should get a stable bucket to place the level on and be sure that the bucket provides a stable positioning.

Recommended models for indoor or outdoor use

There are some rotary laser level models recommended for indoor projects only and there are some that are only appropriate for outdoor use. Therefore, please do not try to use an indoor-recommended laser level for outdoor purposes.

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As a contractor, you can use the electronic self-leveling rotary laser level to level, set foundations, make concrete pours, perform acoustical drywall and ceilings.

As a builder, you can use the outdoor electrical self-leveling rotary laser level 40-6522 which stands out in the best laser level review for alignment and plumb walls, as well as installation of metal studs and wood framers.

Working Range

This rotary laser level guide is incomplete without mentioning the laser range factor. First of all, you should be aware that rotary laser levels provide a bigger working range than the usual line laser levels. Most line and cross-line laser levels offer a range of between 10 and 100 ft whereas rotary laser levels offer a wider range that is often more than 100ft. Second, you should also bear in mind that visibility and accuracy may decrease with a larger range. Finally, don’t forget that a green laser color travels more than the red laser even at the same range.

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Accuracy Accuracy is another important factor you must take into account when selecting a rotary laser level. Whether you lay down tiles or install cabinets, you need to ensure the perfect accuracy. There’s one simple rule for checking accuracy is that a 1/8” accuracy is higher than ¼” accuracy. The accuracy of the best laser level for builders is measured in inches and by the distance between the laser source and the surface of the working point.



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